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Where do we stay?

We stay in hostels, rented homes, volunteer centers, and if possible, at the farm itself. Our lodging differs based on the location, so please contact us for information about specific trips.


How much does the trip cost?

Usually, the cost is $500 and covers food, lodging, and volunteer fees. NY2X is a non-profit organization.


What do we eat?

We do our own grocery shopping and cook for ourselves. We can then handle any dietary restrictions, whether you eat vegan, halal, kosher, gluten-free, nut-free, etc. 


Are there any adults on the brigades?

There are always adults that manage us on the farm to make sure we’re safe. Also, we have an adult chaperone that stays with us to make sure our living situation is safe, but all of the trips are organized by students!


What is your policy on alcohol and drugs?

No alcohol or any illegal drugs are permitted on NY2X trips. NY2X’s policy is that if we catch a participant with illegal drugs or alcohol once, we call their parents. If we catch them a second time, we will send the participant home, without reimbursement.


Who runs the trip?

Each trip has high school organizers who plan and lead the entire trip.


How many people go on the trip?

It depends for each trip, but generally February trips are about 25 and Summer trips are about 15.


What does a typical day look like?

We wake up early, around seven depending on the location, in order to beat the heat. We work for 3-4 hours on the farm, stop for lunch, siesta, and a workshop, and resume work in the late afternoon. At night we eat dinner and do a workshop before bed. The schedule is subject to change based on location and time of year.

General Questions and Concerns