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Trips to Philadelphia

In the summer, we conduct multiple trips to Life Do Grow farm to creatively and constructively collaborate in this unique, thriving green space with our friends and fellow young people from North Philly.

Trips to Albuquerque

Our February trips are amazing chances to work on various urban farms and learn about environmental issues and Chicanx and indigenous history from seasoned community organizers.

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Day Trips Across nyc

Our Saturday trips to urban farms across the five boroughs have brought us to East NY Farms, Added Value Farms, Gowanus Canal Conservancy, and more!

Growing Youth Organizers

NY2X hosts open, biweekly workshops to upkeep our engagement between trips: topics have included segregation in education, reproductive rights, and methods of protest. Other GYO meetings tackle logistics of the organization, such as outreach, finances, curriculum development, and more!